Up the wolves Round 1

Hopefully this will be finished tomorrow – fingers crossed. A month left before the show.






A decent day in the studio

It’s hard to explain that I love to start but hate to finish…



Dust bowl Children

So I would think that I’m at least halfway through on this one.



Missing posts

So I just realized that a majority of my posts are missing. Boo new WP upgrade.


6 of swords

I’m 2 pieces finished for the solo show in June. Only 13 left…at least this one is halfway finished.




I’ll get that blasted Bunny Wabbit


After hours of coding and being way in over my head, I received this series of script. I say “No Thank You” and “Good Day to you Sir!”


So I’ve been scripting for days and the new website is almost up. I have 2 major bugs to still fix today and a few minor ones. Such as I have yet to get my WP blog up on my site. Also, I will unfortunately lose all of the news posts that I had previously had. Oh well. I’ll survive.

thoughts on web governance

i have been tasked with reading and responding to an article on “web governance” which in part is something that any web user should read BUT truly every visual communication professional should read and lay thought on.  if you would like to comment on the article as well, please feel free to read it before hand. i’ve posted a link to the page.

so i would like to start off saying that though there are several strong points made in this article, i find it to be entirely odd. let me specify, the voice of the article is quite trilling. to throw conversations of business strategy and structure, actual web development/functionality/purpose and oh yeah, every human being in this country (and on this planet that uses the internet) and their socio-economic and cultural history into one article and say that we need to think things out a bit better is a bit OLD. that is not to say that i don’t agree with the premise of the article, I DO. but i feel that the very valid content of this article can and is easily lost in context. speaking as an educated individual, who are your writing this article to Mr. Kahn? is it to the powerful administrators and money that run big businesses? or perhaps the advertisers, designers, and web developers who will raise their slightly educated upper middle class fists in revolution of the evil tyranny that controls their artistic desire to create valid stunning content for the world to see (that is until they are reminded that they do that for a paycheck.) or perhaps, this article should be spoken loudly at every town hall meeting, posted on every facebook newsfeed, twittered, skyped, tagged, meta-tagged and force-fed down the throats of every individual who signs onto the internet. who is to blame for our lack of governance? or shall i say, our inablilty to govern ourselves.  

i hope i don’t sound like a total bitch. because i am pretty sure that last paragraph came off that way. but statements like “Organizations are like oil tankers headed the wrong way as if the web never happened. And we can see the approaching iceberg.”  Yes, this is true, but we (speaking the general public) are the ones who more than happily hop on that oil tanker and use it as a booze cruise.

more so, i would like to delve into a conversation about the “Organization” itself. are we talking big business, client ran, freelance, small business, state or federal organizations, medical, legal, illegal? what! in the article Mr. Kahn paragraphs:

“Web governance is about changing working practices to match reality. Simply telling the organization that it needs to change won’t have any effect. We have to become change agents ourselves.More specifically, we can’t change organizational culture on our own. That culture is being forced to change by outside forces, so our job as change agents is to help to change working practices so they start to match the organization’s reality. It’s about pointing out risks, shining a light on organizational denial, overcoming resistance, and facilitating constructive discussions about change.”

YES, that may be one of the most truthful statements i have ever heard, but how dear sir shall that be actually implemented in this reality? i feel that in no way can you speak out to a group of web or design professionals and tell them that they need to shine a light of truth on their organization’s denial. do i believe in integrity and work ethics, YES. but do i also acknowledge that we are no longer a country or a culture that is built or functions on integrity and work ethics. its painful to hear and disgusting to say. but the chain of [any] governance is only as successful as its most lazy, greedy, machiavellian link; and honey, this chain is duct taped and super glued together already. (P.S. i’m really not trying to bust your balls Mr. Kahn. there is nothing i’d love more than to re-write the organizational structure of my company, fire all the bad people and hug all the good people. but, alas, i am a realist and love my benefits. NO, i haven’t sold out. my flashlight has been taken from me by my bosses who’d prefer their darkness to my truth. so i am suggesting a blazing fire instead.)

do you know why abolition never lasted? our inability to govern ourselves or those around us. that’s pretty serious when you think about it. it’s actually deeply embarrasing and shameful that we (as a society) can not make solid decisions for ourselves, nor can we maintain any form of repremandation for our over indulgences and general stupidity. where am i going with this? web governance in a medium sized company that is seeking admiral content, functionality, quality and all those happy pretty good things is one thing. great! those people are well educated and feel motivated to do right by their “organizations” structure, strategy, purpose, execution and measurement. again, great! but that is a terribly narrow and dangerously sunny take on who is developing and responsible for the integrity of the internet.

what about the porn stars? or even more scary, the stay at home, amateur, wanna be porn stars? the terrorists posting new recruitment videos? the back stabbing mean girls who are passive aggressively destroying people lives? the pedophiles who swap souls for stories? the nigerian scam artists? the liars, the theives, the pimps, and the evil. the butcher, the baker and oh yeah your mom. in this new found Valhalla of technology everyone and their literally their dog can create a web site. the scum of the earth blog more than the saints. are they too concerned about web governance? (and perhaps they are, which is even more disturbing as my mind paints a picture of somewhere out there Al-qaeda or whomever else wants to destroy large amounts of the world’s infidels is out there blogging not only to continuing to {you know destroy infidels} but also is researching better and more useful web governance to enhance their own organizations strategy and influence.) [yes, even Al-qaeda supports social media.]

<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”Al-qaeda on Twitter! the evil of social media” />

what’s funny, is that i deeply support the very valid points brought up in this article. we should take more responsibility of our creations as professionals – throughout the entire process. INDEED! but you can’t believe that only professionals have a take on the outcome of the internet. in fact, i bet if we put bucks to B.S. there are more “WEB INFIDILS” than there are professionals (sorry couldnt help myself, thanks for blazing the way to inappropriateness Al-qaeda!) now that is truly an argument for governance and a need for a new organizational strategy.

so i say, Dear Mr. Kahn, stop singing “We are the world” and get out your shotgun and duct tape because there’s an information super-highway armegedon coming and I want you to be better prepared. Java script will rain from the sky and Cascading Style Sheets will be dripping in blood. oh sure, i took this response way too far. and i am sure that if Mr. Kahn were here to defend and justify his article, he would scream at my juxtaposing crazy context…but he’s not here and perhaps I TOO AM A WEB INFIDIL!

Jeezy Chreezy – Day 1

So this is day 1 round 1 of learning HTML5.

What was I thinking?